The Launch on September 9, 2013

I thought you might like to see what The Launch looked like.

This was the text on my Facebook post prior to 9.9.13 that lead to a video, a preview of coming attractions, that I created:


I want you to know what I've been up to for the last few years.

I've created a HUGE project that really excites me and I'd like you to have a look.  (nothing's being sold)

Here's a link to an announcement video that I made that I think you'll enjoy.

Please Click Here

I'd appreciate it if you would take a couple of minutes and check it out.

In gratitude and appreciation,

Loren / Lorenzo Gramlich

(yep, two different names.  I respond to either one)

-- After you've seen the video, close that page and you will be back here where you can see what was available on the launch date by Clicking here.