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   "The Great Gratitude Adventure" (or TGGA for short).

What began in April of 2011 as a “really great idea” that I wanted to share with the world about the Miracles & Magic that are available to us all when we bring Appreciation, Gratitude, and Acknowledgment into our lives, has eventually transformed itself into what I have come to refer to fondly as “The Book”.

Although I didn’t put TGGA on the web (I can’t seem to figure out why things get so easily started and then seem so hard to complete), the Great Adventure that I was wanting to share was working its Miracles & Magic in me. 

I think that Appreciation, Gratitude, and Acknowledgment (from now on these three will be included in the term Gratitude) have come rather easily to me over the last 25 years or so.  But once I’d begun exploring Gratitude and being more conscious of what it can bring to me and those I express it to, I began to see how it was altering my life in ways that I really enjoyed.

It was most apparent to me in my relationship with my sweet Patty that began on New Year’s Eve of 2009.  Expressing Gratitude was easy for us at the beginning (you know how it is when love is taking off), but we had the wisdom to declare to one another that we would always let Gratitude flow easily between us.

The effects that it has had on each of us and on the relationship has been delightful.

Over our years together as we continued to feel closer and safer with one another our intimacy (read: sexuality) continued to expand and deepen to levels that we never even knew existed.  Not long ago we were wondering if there were some way to “bottle” what we were experiencing and be able to share it with friends and even the world.

Coconut Sundae Afternoons (in Volume 2) is our exploration into that dream.

The Book is my vehicle to invite the world to join some interesting and relevant conversations so that together we may be able to make this lovely world of ours and our own selves happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

    The Book

The best way that I could see to share The Book was via the internet.  It allows freedoms and ongoing flexibility that printed books don’t have. 

Bottom line The Book is really a conversation.  It is meant to be a dialog between us and whoever would like to share via blogs that we will invite people to use to deepen these conversations.

TGGA is the vessel, The Book, that holds five separate Volumes.  These are known collectively as The Five Volumes:

1 Gratitude4You – At play in the fields of Gratitude Connecting and opening through the magic of Appreciation, Gratitude, and Acknowledgment.

2 Coconut Sundae Afternoons Exploring our human nature and intimacy.

3 Empathy - Eyes of the heart Preserving humankind by living in and expanding empathy.

4Second Wind - A wind to fill your sails Our life changes spectacularly when we step into what it is that you "always wanted to do."  Really.

5Light Years - Getting to know your neighborhood When you learn some things about your planet and your Universe your world view changes.

You are invited to come in and explore.  Take what resonates with you and share what comes up for you.

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Note - Each of the six websites is a multi-platform internet presentation that includes the website, a Facebook page, and blogs.

This entire endeavor is meant to be both informational and a dialogue, a two way street, where you are invited to share your input on various blogs regarding various questions and topics.  

My desire is to create a community of people around the world that are inquiring into their own humanness and sharing their journey with others. Please consider yourself invited.

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